A learnr tutorial on linear regression developed by University of Glasgow.

This course is based on lecture slides by Jürgen Heller, Cord Hockemeyer, and Luca Stefanutti held at the Erasmus IP Seminar in Sagadi (Estonia) in 2014 and the TquanT Erasmus+ Seminar in Deutschlandsberg (Austria) in 2017.

This short course on IRT was implemented in learnr by a group of students at the Glasgow meeting 2018 and then extended by KULeuven.

This course contains a learnr tutorial and a Shiny app using urn problems to illustrate different probability distributions. The learnr tutorial was implemented by a group of students at the TquanT Glasgow Seminar 2018, the app was implemented by University of Tübingen based on the learnr tutorial. However, it has a slightly different selection of probability distributions and it includes some test for your knowledge learned in tutorial and app.